Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday afternoon at Bramble Downs Common

Everyone is settling in nicely to Bramble Downs Common.

Mrs Squirrel invites Mrs Badger round for a chat and an afternoon tea which her daughter Sylvia has kindly offered to make them.  Mrs Squirrel welcomes Mrs Badger and asks how she is settling in.  She explains how Oak Hollow is to be the home of the Owl Family when they arrive, but she is allowed to say and look after the place for them.

Noah is busy cleaning the top of the River Boat while Brooke watches on chatting away about various games they could play when he has finished.

Frida Frog is busy telling Olive all about how Mrs Badger has arrived, and of course is still full of talk about the HUGE hedgehog family that she is yet to meet.

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  1. The residents of Bramble Downs Common seem to be getting along very nicely!


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