Monday, 28 January 2013

Peggy Sue's Surgery - part four

Well I am afraid that with her body looking so much better (in my opinion) and upon closer inspection of her head and face I decided I really couldn't leave the head untouched.  It wasn't really just a matter of touching her up as so much definition has been lost by the person who repainted her.

The nostrils have all but disappeared and boy did I get a shock when I looked under her wig!

I find it incredible that someone actually repainted her and then stuck the wig on before the head had dried properly!

What a mess!

I think Shirley may have been the name of the wig, as it had stitch lines on the tag where it looks like it pulled away from the wig and stuck to her head.

Look at the hair stuck to the head and mess behind her ears.  Poor girl.

Just before the 'gloop' went on...

I am saving her eyes until last.

Her head need to dry about a bit now and I will then do some sanding and then some more stripping.

Oh dear, I hope there is some potential there!  I'm pretty sure there will be, and she will truly be all mine!

Now shall I also get her a new wig, what size, what type and whereabouts in the UK do I get one?  Will have to do some research.  Still I have time, although we want to get the school open and operational as soon as possible so she will need to be ready!


  1. Oh my! Little Peggy Sue has been through quite an experience with more yet to come. But she will be all the better for it. You are doing a wonderful job!

  2. SO GLAD you are dong her face. She looks happier in the last picture than she did in her orange lipstick and goopy wig. I think the eyebrows were a bit off too, before. Do you think you'll find nostrils under the next paint removal?
    Please tell Peggy Sue that Mabel is sending her hugs and kisses and hopes she is recovering nicely.


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