Saturday, 26 January 2013

Connery checks on the wildlife.

The sun was out this morning  with a clear blue sky and the snow has started to thaw.

Connery decided it was a good time to check on the wild animals in the garden.

He was surprised to see the tortoise, as surely they usually hibernate.  He checks on him to make sure he is fit and healthy.

Next he says hello to the hedgehog and checks that he is well too.

Connery finds the squirrel has a problem with his right eye and explains that once the weather clears up he will be able to make it as good as new, and reassures him that leaving it like it is won't do the squirrel any more harm.

Once Sean has finished his rounds he sets off back indoors for a cup of warm brew with his lovely homely wife Sandra.


  1. He is a true steward!

    I have a small 2-inch hedgehop on a shelf in my bedroom that looks like yours. Everyone should have a hedge pig.

    While doing his rounds, I'm sure I heard Connery singing:

    "Oh, she's my dear, my darlin' one
    Her eyes so sparklin' full of fun
    No other, no other
    Can match the likes of her

    She's my dear, my darlin' one
    My smilin' and beguilin' one
    I love the ground she walks upon
    My pretty Irish girl"

    (Sung by Sean Connery in the movie Darby O'Gill and the Little People. I think you might know this Lorraine.)


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