Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peggy Sues Surgery - Part Five

Peggy Sue is being incredibly brave.  This is how she was left yesterday evening... Just the hard 'glue' shellac type substance, some paint and of course her eyes remain...

Head needs finer sanding and still rough behind the ears...

The hard glue substance is also on her ears

So with a resigned but brave look, Peggy Sue goes under the 'gloop' again...

Oh dear, oh dear, what HAVE I done to her?  She rather looks like she has had a rough time.

However, she is starting to look better, although still struggling to get the paint from around her eyes and mouth removed...

She certainly doesn't look as happy as she did last night.

The head is smoother and behind the ears is tidier.

Getting there with her face, just trying to think of the best thing I can use to get rid of the rest of the remaining paint around the eyes and mouth.

I have been working on her most of the day, except when I popped out to get the ingredients to make a lasagne for dinner tonight and to get some beeswax and matt varnish!

I am wondering who she will become, or whether she will stay the same.  It feels good to work with her wood, and she feels more alive because of it.  Even my husband (who hated her) said she looks so much better and can see the potential.  I am hoping that she will, but am worried about her face, although don't regret doing it.


  1. You are very brave as well! I think you are doing a nice job. I'm sure she will be so happy when you are finished. :o)

  2. Oh my...such an ordeal, but it will be worth it!


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