Friday, 25 January 2013

New Arrivals

It is with excitement that we announce the arrival of two sweet little six year old girls today, Amy Lynn and Darcy Joann.  They bring there little pets with them, Carly the rabbit and Twinkle the guinea pig.

These girls have been on a journey from The Big Red House and were made by Sandra (Mother Goose)  They are absolutely gorgeous and so beautifully made.  What a talented lady indeed!

Meanwhile in Bramble Downs Common, PC Bobby Badger was thrilled his wife Beatrice has finally arrived.  He has been missing her so much.  He can't wait to show her round his 'Beat'.  

Finally finished the little cloth doll that was started by someone else many years ago.  She has borrowed a barbie dress I made a while back and is sitting waiting on Peggy Sue's bed.  

Peggy Sue is currently undergoing 'surgery' so this will be a surprise for her being so brave.

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