Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cavy Cottage?

It was an important day for the Cavy family, they were going to view a house with the possibility of moving it to Camellia Crescent, or having one similar to it being built there.  

Ronald, from Rabbit Reality, was showing them round and extolling the virtues...

A lovely large window to let in plenty of light, fabulous decking with a surprise...

Cherry and Chive Cavy listen intently while their children Clover and Cosmos wait quietly wondering why Ronald Rabbit isn't wearing his work suit...  they wander towards the window to have a look, while Ronald shows Chive and Cherry the surprise under the deck.

A spa pool/hot tub!  Perfect for soaking in to relax those tired muscles after a hard days work.

He shows them inside...

Clover and Cosmos are very excited about the verandah at the top of the house.  You can see for miles they exclaim!

Cherry and Chive wander around inside having a good look while Ronald waits outside respectfully to give them time to take it all in.

Lots to think about and plan.

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