Thursday, 31 January 2013

Peggy Sue's Surgery - Part Six

Peggy Sue has been sanded down and is ready for her first coat of clear matt varnish.

She feels lovely and smooth.

Unfortunately she has some scorch marks on her face that I can't sand away, but hoping that doesn't detract too much from her new look.

Playing at being a starfish while the first coat of varnish dries.

She needed a light sanding between coats 

Playing starfish after her second coat - looking much better.

Dare I start the next stage, painting her face?


  1. You have uncovered her nostrils and her teeth. I thought previously that her teeth were painted in but I see they are carved.

    When you paint her face, do you plan to do the eyes, eyebrows, mouth and teeth only? I've never seen anyone do this so I am really interested.

    1. Hi Judy, Yes I will just do her eyes, eyebrows, mouth and teeth. I have step by step photos to post tomorrow morning. Please bear in mind though I have never done this before and I am definitely not an artist, so her face will be amateurish! But hopefully better than it was...

  2. Looking wonderful so far. It's a puzzle as to why she would have scorch marks under her paint, unless they used re-claimed wood to make her head to begin with?
    In any case, she is lovely and will be even better when you are done with her.

    1. The head was heated in hot mold from what I understand and sometimes this scorched the wood.

  3. This must be so exciting to do, scary, but exciting. I always felt bad because Peggy Sue had the two chips on her face. I'm sure she will look alot better when you get done and you will feel she is all yours. I'm enjoying seeing what you are doing with her. I'll pray all goes well with the painting. Linda S. from Canada


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