Friday, 18 January 2013

The Gnomes get a house cow and a job for Mrs Squirrel

Sean & Sandra are pleased to see the arrival of Thea the house cow who will provide them with milk.

Mrs Squirrel is delighted to have her first customer

Ronald Rabbit, explains he needs some clothes suitable for him to wear when showing families around the various houses and properties.  After all the young proprietor of Ronald Rabbit Reality really needs to be suited up in something befitting of his profession.

Meanwhile the Otter family are moving in and looking for somewhere on the river or waterways to moor their Canal boat when not out cruising.

Oleander and Olive are proud of their two children Noah and Brooke, who enjoy their river life.

They want to have a good sniff...I mean look around to find the most suitable place.


  1. Oh my goodness, Noah and Brooke!!! I am honored and they will absolutely love they are a part of Bramble Downs Common! My heart is dancing with happiness...

    1. It just seemed so natural to name them that, perfect names for the children.

  2. How adorable! Love their names too! And that house cow is so cute!


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