Thursday, 17 January 2013

Families arriving!

The families of Bramble Downs Common are moving in much faster than anticipated!  The news has obviously spread fast and they are all arriving ahead of schedule.

Mrs Sybil Squirrel and her daughter Sylvia are very excited about moving into Sycamore Square.  Mrs Squirrel is looking forward to opening her sewing and repairs business.  Sylvia is hoping to make some friends with the other children who will be living in Bramble Downs.  Sadly Mr Squirrel is absent, having never returned from nut collection several months before.  They live in hope that he is okay, but in the meantime have to get on with their lives and try to make the best of things, hence Mrs Squirrel opening her sewing and clothing repairs shop.

Mrs Myrtle Mole has arrived early with her daughter Minnie, as Professor Mahonia Mole is very busy lecturing at the moment.  They will be moving into Maple Hill.

Mrs Mole is very shy, but likes nothing more than playing the piano while Minnie sings.  I'm sure once the other residents of Bramble Downs Common realise these talents they will be wanting to hear more.  Poor Mrs Mole must master her extreme shyness.

While so much coming and going is happening, with families viewing houses and the area, it was thought that PC Bobby Badger had better move in ahead of his wife Beatrice, who is busy packing their belongings.

PC Badger and his wife will be living in Buckthorn Close.

PC Bobby Badger is an avid gardener and enjoys spending his spare time working on his vegetable and flower gardens or playing chess with Professor Mahonia Mole when he is home.


  1. They are all so cute! What fun this will be!

    1. They are indeed cute and such fun. I've regressed big time and loving every minute of it.

  2. I LOVE your families and their wonderful stories! Things are moving along quite nicely...

    1. I am loving them. Finally getting to realise some stories that have been tucked away buried for a long time and overcoming the regret that I didn't buy the little Sylvanian house and families that I saw all those years ago when my older son was young! Just need to think about how to go about making houses for them!


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