Thursday, 10 October 2013

A jacket for Bobby.

I finished a jacket for Bobby the other day.  His favourite colour is blue so this couldn't be more perfect for him really.  I like the tweediness on the wool as well.  I am also going to make him a cap as he thinks he will need one now that it is getting cooler.

Now I must get on...I've been for my walk and had my hot lemon & honey drink.   I have a project in mind I want to get on with and need to pop down to the 'cheap' store to see if they have what I need.


  1. He looks great. The blue matches his eyes so well. I can't understand why Heart and Soul kept both Jakob and Tim who are the same sculpt and both have fair hair and brown eyes, but retired Bobo. I wanted to buy him but missed the chance so have Alister instead.
    What style of hat will you make for Bobby?
    J xx

    1. Seems crazy doesn't it? I was really lucky to get him - I found him on evilbay for a really good price and the surprise bonus was that his wrists are jointed as well, whereas I don't think they were supposed to be, so he must have been one of the very last ones. He has featured a fair bit with Henry.

    2. Whoops, forgot to answer your will be a bit like a baseball cap...or at least that is what the pattern is. Will start it later.


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