Thursday, 17 October 2013

Camisole/Vest & Bloomers Set.

 A while ago I posted about what I wanted to make (or finish) for Peggy Sue's Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

I have made several long sleeve cotton dresses (to replae the brown floral dress I didn't like) and today I finished making her some undergarments - a little vest/camisole & panties/bloomers.  I would like to thank Elisa and Rosey for inspiring me to make this - a set was made for Rosey earlier this year and you can see pictures here.

Buttons up at the back and the bloomers button onto the vest.

Peggy Sue thinks they are quite comfortable and perfect to wear while riding her rocking horse!

Next up is the second of the little dresses I made yesterday.

I thought I'd ironed it! lol

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  1. Adorable undies and I love her new dress! Blue looks so nice on her, but then again, so does every other color. :o)


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