Saturday, 19 October 2013

Knitting & Sewing for Peggy Sue continued...

Thursday evening I finished a sweater I had been making Peggy Sue.  It needed a matching beret as she had only 'borrowed' the brown beret from Marcia and needed one of her own so I made that while watching something on Thursday night.  Yesterday I made a cream corduroy skirt to go with the sweater.  I wanted something suitable to wear over here new underwear.  I would have liked the skirt to have been a bit darker but I think it still works okay.

Peggy Sue goes and asks Owen if he wants to go for a walk with her.

Little Owen admires her sweater and wonders if he may have one for the colder months...  
Peggy Sue promises to ask.

She has a quick glance over to the mirror to see if her beret is on correctly...

...and off they go!


Another of the little dresses I finished the other day.

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