Saturday, 19 October 2013

Kidz n Cats, Camille & a New Arrival

Kidz n Cats Camille came to live here in 2011...I can't believe it was that long ago!  She still hasn't got her 'own' name and is STILL wearing the clothing she arrived in.  I have ummmed and ahhed over the last year as to whether she is going to stay or not and that is probably one reason she has remained as she is.  I am still not certain, but I think she probably will stay.  If this is the case she is really going to to have to have a name and some new clothes!  I just need to decide what her character and style is going to be.

A girl I have admired for a long time and very nearly got earlier this year, but didn't due to various reasons, the main being finances, meant that I missed out on getting her as the one I saw was the last one available.  I then of course wished I had got her, but accepted that it wasn't to be, at least not at that time.  Well the other day I found one, quite by accident, never having been removed from her box, being sold for a very good price so I went for her!  Of course I didn't factor in the Customs Pirates now did I?  I am sure they are not supposed to tax goods where the Country of Origin is UK or Europe, but I am not absolutely certain, and had to pay up the ransom notice.  She is supposed to be a Christmas present, but well I just HAD to check that everything was okay about her now didn't I?  Guessing there won't be much for me to open this year!

I was just hoping she would be as good as I hoped as I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Kidz n Cats girls.  I got Sophie last year for my birthday but she had a problem with her leg, was sent back, a replacement sent out (couldn't fault the service, it was excellent) but well, she just didn't seem quite the same and I never felt right about her, so off she went to a new home.  I am happy to report that so far I think this girl is going to fit in with my boys quite well!

A little shy...

Bobby seems really taken with her as he says hello and introduces himself...he is thinking perhaps he has found a girlfriend closer to home!

She already has her first item of new clothing...

A beret in purple as that seems to be her colour!

She tries it on for size.

Yes a look of quiet confidence has set in.  I think she is going to fit in very well indeed.

Now she just needs to tell me her name.


  1. They are lovely! I have always admired these dolls but never got one. I love all the various face sculpts and the fact that they have boys too. i'm not a big fan of the outfits they come with, but your pretty brown-haired girl has the best one I've seen so far. Love purple on her! The beret is perfect!

  2. Hi Lorraine- two a lovely girls.
    I put my Kidz girls away for a while and am now finding that I love them again, especially Freya, my Galena who seemed a little toothy at first. I think there are too many being produced with the Camille/Jakob/Lena face and hope the the new limited edition Henriette is an indication of things to come. Perhaps I should only bother with these larger dolls now? So undecided....


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