Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Too much....

Hey there guys, I hear there is a party going on?

What is this?  Agnes (2) is thinking?  I hope 'it' doesn't get too close to me...  It is well,  Green!

So what do ya say Skelly me old boy?  Feel like a party?  Oh I see you have already been partying.. what's that you've been drinking..

Agnes, Viktor and Agnes are stunned at this intrusion... They haven't even sent out any invitations yet, and this little interloper certainly wouldn't have received an invite.   Any way it seems he can't stop talking!


  1. I see you succumbed. Somewhere there is a Monster High doll for everyone. He does actually look good with the Agnes dolls.

    1. Ha ha, indeed! In my defence he was on special in our local supermarket...a fraction of their usual cost! I never even knew they did boys...there were a few girls as well, but I just got him.

    2. He 'sneaked' in with the groceries!


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