Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A knitted doll and a dress

Yesterday I knitted a little doll from a fun pattern on Ravelry 'Travelling Doll' by Fiona McDonald.  I saw a picture of the one on Ipernity and was inspired to make my own.  You can find the little one that inspired me on Beth's blog  here.

Of course she now needs some clothes...

I think I might make a couple more of these for the Kidz n Cats girls - customizing them to suit the two different girls.

I was kindly sent a pattern for my Kidz n Cats girls and I have to say it is a good fit.  My girls, being the older girls, have the wider shoulders so it is still a little bit too fitting, but she can move her arms without the back popping open!

I cheated and machine sewed the hem.  I then of course wonder why I did so as I really don't like seeing the machine stitching on the hem! You would think I would learn!

Oh and the linky doo dah to this fabulous pattern by Miss Connie can be found here.

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