Monday, 28 October 2013

A mish mash post

Two little Maori boys checking out the wind damage to the garden...fortunately not a lot, just some windfalls and leaves.

The other day I found a little Pippa doll in the CS for 50p she was amongst some little McD barbie dolls, quite a surprise.  She didn't have any clothes but I knew I had a spare set of clothes at home for her.

I finally got round to dressing her.  She just needs shoes now!

I introduced to the other girls (my childhood two and I think my sisters (on the right) 

Dancing Tammy (I think her name is) Pippa, my sister's Pippa and the new Pippa.  I didn't realise quite how much the other set of clothes had faded.

Saige has put on an Autumnal outfit I made last year and she is chatting to Kaya.

The girls are hoping to attend a harvest party this week.

I finally got round to making a pair of pink trousers for Camille to go with the pink sweater I made in February 2012.

I think pink is her colour!

Peggy Sue had a little parcel arrive in the post today.

A coat and hat

I bought this set from a friend of mine - it as part of the Sasha Festival 2012 Raffle prize.  I would love to know who made it as it is beautifully made and really suits her.

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