Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tassels at last & a dress for Camille.

Last night I finished another thing on my 'To Do' List for Peggy Sue's Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and that was putting tassels on her poncho.  I also knitted a grey beret to make the outfit complete.

Using a new pattern I had printed off the internet I made a dress for Camille.  I'm not especially happy with the fit, even though it was supposed to fit a KnC doll, it is very tight round the sleeves and across the back.  Still it is change for Camille, so will do for now until I make her something else.  

I made her some tights to go underneath the dress.

I used the existing hem as I used a child's dress for the fabric.

I may well end up making it shorter and hand hemming it, turning it into a tunic to wear over trousers.


  1. What a shame about Camille's dress. The fit looks fine in the pictures. The dress is a perfect style and color for her. Peggy Sue's outfit sets the mood for how I imagine her. Two wonderful outfits for two very different dolls.

  2. Well the dress looks lovely to me! Where did you get the pattern, if you don't mind me asking. I'd like something like this for my Gotz dolls.


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