Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Unknown doll makeover

I saw a doll yesterday 'tossed' in a corner of a charity shop.  She had a pretty face so I could hardly leave her there now could I?  Especially when she was calling out to be rescued.

Her body is stained, although difficult to see here and her limbs were loose - her body seemed to be lacking a bit of stuffing!

Looking carefully you can see the rather large stain on her body.

Various marks on her legs, hands and feet.

Face was mucky and her hair needed a good comb through and brush.

I took her apart, removed her stuffing and washed the body and limbs which came up beautifully.  She dried in the airing cupboard overnight.  I then worked on her hair separating bits at a time and now she looks lovely.  New stuffing in the body, nicely brushed hair and a borrowed pink dress until I make her one of her own...although saying this I think she looks pretty good in this one so she may well keep it.

She is wearing American Girl shoes but they are a bit big for her.  She has narrower feet than AG, a thinner body, but otherwise is a similar height.

She has lovely blue eyes.

After some research and advice from others I believe she is 'Design A Friend Chloe'.


  1. What a great find! You did an excellent dolly makeover on her and I think pink is her colour.

  2. She's beautiful! You did such a nice job of restoring her. Looks like somebody has a new companion doll! Perhaps she's the muse your imagination has been looking for. I'm eager to learn more about her new life. =)

  3. She is lovely! She looks like a Journey Girl form Toys R Us. Not 100% sure though. You did a great job fixing her up.

  4. She's had a complete make over! I had a quick look on the Argos website to see what the range is like, there is quite a variety of hair and complexions and there's a boy, too. Love her dress, that pink suits her so well.


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