Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hanging Out

This is a duplicate post of one just posted on my Sasha blog, so apologies to those who read both, but I couldn't quite decide where it belonged!

Henry's brother Bobby and Rory's cousin Hamish are hanging out together...doing whatever it is that  boys do when they are not climbing trees, playing football etc...

Henry wanders over wanting to know if he can 'hang out' as well....

Sure why not?  The boys say...

So what are you doing?  Henry asks.
Well you know... Hamish replies.

Henry doesn't know, but doesn't like to ask.

After a while Henry decides that he is rather bored and wanders off... not really sure what 'hanging out' really entails.

A little while later the boys are joined by Alistair

Hey guys. He says.

Hey there Al. They reply.

The three have got 'hanging out' (or is it loitering?) down to a fine art!

I'm not sure if Alister is going to stick around yet, but thought I would see how in 'integrates' with the others...He may need a new name if he is staying.


  1. So true, Bama. My DH and the guy from further down our lane have been hanging out all day. They said they were going to put up a poly-tunnel but, seven hours later....all there is to show for their time and effort are some pieces of twine pegged out on the ground. Hm, seems that they learn this at an early age if Hamish, Bobby and Al are anything to go by!

  2. Such Beautiful boys, I really Love their sweaters - and LOL, sooo like little Men :)

  3. Ha ha, agreed! Seems all three of us are familiar with this concept!


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