Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday Frolics.

Considering we don't celebrate Halloween in any form whatsover...or at least haven't done in the past, how come two of my girls are now dressed in Halloween dresses?

Peggy Sue is is this beautifully smocked dress that I think really suits her colouring.

She wants to wear it to school...but somehow I don't think she will be allowed to!

I am still looking at her and sighing...not sure if I am happy with her, wondering if I should have left things how they were...oh dear.

The other girl dressed up is Kaya

I made this dress last year and she found it in the draw and decided it was exactly what she wanted to wear!

Again I think she looks lovely in it, even if it is a little big for her.

She has a very serene face.

Whilst the afternoon is warm and sunny - what a change from this morning when it was tipping down with rain, little Thomas decided to spend some time in the garden.

He visited the mouse family at their cottage and said hello to them.

He wandered round the garden with his little smile, a cheerful happy boy.


  1. I was wondering that very thing. The smocked dress is wonderful. Did you smock it? If so, you must be a natural. I really like that pattern of two color smocking. I will have to do something similar...

    1. No I didn't smock this, but saw it and thought how wonderful it was, so it is an 'Autumnal/Fall' dress instead of a halloween dress. The other was fabric that was given to me in 2011 from a friend and well I just had to make something with it, so I figure that too is a 'Autumn/Fall' outfit.

  2. I think they suit your sweet dolls and are very cute...blessings friend


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