Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A new dress for Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue didn't just get one, but FOUR new dresses today.

Only the first one has been tried on and photographed though.


  1. I just love that style of dress with the yoke top. I think it looks superb on just about every kind of child doll. You did a lovely job matching the proportion of the flower print with the size of the doll, too. She's a lucky girl! :-) Lauri

    1. Thanks Lauri, I love this style as well. I actually made two of these dresses today as I first tried it on my redhead ....who ended up keeping it, so I had to make another for Peggy Sue! I love that she fits Sasha clothes.

  2. I agree! Love the style and the fabric. Peggy Sue is one lucky girl to have a Mama to keep her in pretty garments! :o)


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