Tuesday, 13 December 2016

'A Memory of Gene' Nini Doll

I never introduced my second Nini doll that arrived in August.  That was partly because I wanted to wait until he told me his name and then the months passed by and before I knew it, we are here in December already!

As soon as I saw Jonny's preliminary sketch I knew that he was one I would want...and of course as the journey commenced and the teasing photos of him were shown, there was no doubt.  I have a small family of 'Sailor dolls'.  My son is a Navigation Officer in the Merchant.  We have a history of sailors in our family, both my great uncles (my Nan's brothers) were in the Navy and of course they were the era of Gene Kelly, one of them being born the same year. This Nini doll being named 'A Memory of Gene'.   I had in mind that I would call him Stanley and then our sheltie puppy arrived first and although we had originally chosen a different name for him before he arrived, it was quite obvious he was Stanley!  My Nan's other brother was called George and we already have one of those in the doll family...so back to the drawing board...

Here he is when he arrived with his little toy boat meeting Jonelle.

They currently sit together on my drawers in my bedroom.

He meets one of other sailor boys of the family, Rory, who says he now has someone to 'look up to'  

The two lads together.

Again I can only re-iterate what I said about Jonny's Nini Dolls in my other post when Jonelle arrived.  They are amazingly well made from start to finish, with much thought, care and attention to detail.  They are indeed heirlooms and dolls to treasure.  I feel lucky to have two in my collection as I know I won't be able to get anymore.

Thank you Jonny for your vision!


  1. Wow, I didn't realise you had two! They're wonderful - I look forward to meeting them. - Jocelyn

    1. Ha ha, yes I was VERY naughty! That's what getting a nice refund from my airfare in July achieved ;-)


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