Sunday, 11 December 2016

Peggy Sue builds a Lego Christmas Scene.

Wow look at this Little Owen.  Peggy Sue exclaims.  A Christmas Lego scene for us to do.  Aren't we lucky?

Gosh, lots of pieces...

Will you be able to help me?  She asks.

Of course!  Replies Little Owen.

Little Owen spreads out the instructions

They both pour over them.

Do you think I am doing it right?  Peggy Sue asks.

She checks the instructions.

Yes, so far so just need to find the extra pieces.  Little Owen tells her.

I think this is right?

She checks what she has done with the picture.

Pretty soon it is obvious that they make a great team and progress is being made.

The fireplace is done.  She says.

Oh look I have made a chair.

Do you think it is for Santa?  She asks.

Yes indeed Peggy Sue.  Little Owen replies.

Together they also make a Christmas tree.

A tree for Santa!

Now if I just move the table over here.  Peggy Sue says as she pushes the little table against the wall.

I can put the scene on it!  She admires her handiwork.

Just right.  Little Owen says.

I had such fun doing that, did you?  Peggy Sue asks Little Owen.

Indeed I did.  Little Owen tells Peggy Sue.

They really are the best of friends.


  1. Peggy Sue, you did a wonderful job on your Lego Christmas scene. I'm very proud of you.

    1. Thank you Miss Happy, that is very nice of you to say so. Love Peggy Sue xx

  2. What a sweet Lego scene for Santa. It fits in your house! You did a nice job putting everything together!

    1. Isn't it a fun set! Thank you for visiting :-)

  3. Congratulations Peggy Sue! That's a very nice set.

  4. Wow Peggy sue and little Owen, what a fun project and a great little scene - Fr Christmas looks very contented with his cuppa. Good thing you haven't got that bookcase yet as you would have to find another place in your room for the Christmas scene.

    1. It was wonderful... but I will still have room for a bookcase as I can move this and it will only be up for Christmas :-)

  5. What adorable photos..I love that little Peggy Sue. She really has so much personality! Her room is so cozy. :)

    1. Oh thank you, you are so sweet. I just love this doll so much, she is a real character.


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