Monday, 26 December 2016

A Puzzle for Christmas

Peggy Sue couldn't wait to show her puzzle that she got for Christmas

These little Wentworth Wooden Puzzles are such good quality and fun to do as well as quite challenging!

She empties out the pieces on the little wooden box.

Sits down and starts to put the edge pieces together.

This wasn't quite as easy as it looks as some of the 'edges' are very tiny indeed.

All done, now to start filling it in.

Almost there!

It is taking shape.

Now for the fun part and putting the 'novelty' pieces in.

There is a bird, a pine tree, a snowflake, a sprig of holly and another shape which she wasn't quite sure about.

Almost there.

Just the snowflake to finish.

There, all done.

Ta da!  What do you think?

Such a sweet puzzle with the little Blue Tits (or is it Coal Tits?) making their nest warm.


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