Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hearts for Hearts Doll

I belong to several fun knitting groups on Ravelry.  Lovely friendly people and lots of encouragement...and they make great enablers as well!

For some time I have had on my 'wish list' a Hearts for Hearts doll, but didn't think I would be able to get one, as they are not generally available over here.  One day when I was just perusing Evilbay (like you do, or maybe you don't?!) I discovered a listing for a really lovely girl - almost as new with her box and unused accessories for a fantastic price in this country, and so decided to go for her.  There was no having to choose 'which one' so in a way that was good as I didn't have to make a decision about whom I preferred from this collection.

The box is nice and colourful.

The back of the box tells you about the different dolls in the series.

The side has a little bit of information about the particular doll.

The inside opens up a bit like a book (it closes with little velcro buttons)

She was safely cocooned in bubble wrap to protect her.  All her accessories are included (unopened and not removed)  I need to look at this properly - I might photograph them tomorrow when it is light and add to the bottom of this post.

Her clothing is different to that pictured - apparently they changed the design when they released the dolls, from that of the box picture.  The clothes are nicely made, the shoes are plastic.

She has such a pretty face.

She wears bangles/bracelets on her right wrist and also has pierced ears.  

Her hair is beautifully soft.

She meets Clara, my Corolle Les Cherie doll.  

She is a little taller, but for knitting purposes I believe the same patterns can be used.  I will know soon as I hope to start knitting for her tonight!


  1. Congratulations on your find! I'm sure you saved a lot by finding her in your country. I peruse Evilbay fairly often myself; I have a few things on my long-term wish list that I will pick up if I can find a good deal.

  2. Lovely doll, and I really like the philosophy behind them.

    Sometimes I feel like I single-handedly keep eBay in business - it's a big responsibility ;-)

  3. She is quite lovely, Lorraine! A delightful find for you :-)




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