Friday, 30 December 2016

What happened to Bramble Downs Common?

I decided to revisit Bramble Downs Common - it has been some years since I have written about them and thought it was about time for an update.  In fact it has been over three years!  A lot has happened in that time and sadly much of their land and houses were appropriated by the government to make way for a horrid new concrete jungle otherwise known as an housing estate.  Most of the families left for pastures new and fortunately found work and homes elsewhere.    All seemed to have worked out....however....or had it?

One morning when Sandra and Connory were out feeding the wild animals in the woods something happened.

All seemed well, the animals were being well fed with food supplemented by Sandra and Connory

Their adopted son Oakleigh has been helping them.

Suddenly he makes an astounding discovery and calls out to Sandra and Connory.

Look!  He cries.  I've found some friends sheltering in the forest.

Sandra also spies something or someone behind the trees where she had been sitting feeding the rabbits.

She has a closer look and Connory turns round and is surprised at what he sees in front of him.

Scooping the bunny up in her arms she spots what has caused Oakleigh to call out in such a way.

It seems the Cavy family have been taking shelter with their four foster children.

They explain they had been made homeless and had been taking shelter in the forest, but it had been getting very cold and they were struggling to keep warm.

Connory  reassures them all that they will take them in until he can build them a new home.

He loads the panda children on the sleigh.

Little Oakleigh stops them from falling off from the back and Clive and Cherry Cavy walk either side.  The twins Clover and Cosmos walk in front of their Dad.

Sandra explains that they don't have too far to go and soon they will be snug and warm.

The Cavy family are so relieved that help came by when it did.


The Cavy Family:

Dad - Clive
Mum - Cherry
Daugher - Clover
Son - Cosmos

Panda Quintuplets:

Petal, Petunia, Poppy and Primrose

Bunny - currently suffering from amnesia and regressed to childhood - he is really Ronald Rabbit from Ronald Rabbit Realty, but due to the collapse of his neighbourhood it seems he descended into a black hole and has forgotten just who he is.  As such he was quite content to be picked up by Sandra and carried.

The Gnomes are of course  Sandra Bullock and Sean Connory with their adopted elf child Oakleigh.

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  1. Sounds like we can look forward to more stories from Bramble Downs Common. That will be fun!


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