Saturday, 10 December 2016

Teddy Bears Picnic

We seem to quite inadvertently started a collection of 'Mascot' (or places visited) bears.  

This started with a little bear from Brighton bought a few years ago.  Then a Cornish bear joined the family earlier this year.  While in the Isle of Wight in October we looked to see if we could find a similar one, but had no luck.  We also looked last week when we were visiting again, and again had no luck...until we were on the ferry home.  

This fellow was spotted in the shop on the ferry.  We were lucky to get the last one.

He has a nice snug 'hoodie' on.

A smiley face (part of the 'critieria') and his feet are embroidered as well.

Seems they are getting bigger in size!

These three bears sit on the window sill in our bedroom.  I am sure they have great conversations about their original homes when all is quiet in the house.

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