Tuesday, 20 December 2016

No Will Power!

So I have absolutely no will power whatsoever...although in my defence, I did hold off for three visits before I succumbed and went back for the fourth time.  Of course by this time there was less choice...which in a way was good.  By the third time I went back to see them there were only two Ashlyn dolls left, some Kendall dolls and I think two Emerson dolls.  Of course when I decided I just HAD to have one, there was only one Ashlyn left which made my decision so much easier.

Her box.

Well protected inside the box

She has a hair net on her hair to keep it tidy.

I like the way these dolls are packaged as they are easy to remove.

Freed from the box.

She has a pretty little face and I love the smattering of freckles.

Out in the garden she watches our Sheltie try to photobomb the picture!

Waving hello.  Actually this arm was VERY stiff and almost unmovable, so hoping it will loosen up a little over time.

Wearing a little pair of white shoes I had tucked away.

I couldn't wait to knit her a Christmas dress.

All very seasonal now.  I just LOVE her little knees, they are so cute.

I have called her Noelle.  (I know very original for this time of year!)

My group of girls all in their Christmas dresses I have knitted for them.

An extra girl has sneaked into the picture...my Sasha girl Ziva, thought she should join them as well as she too has a hand knitted Christmas dress.


  1. Noelle fits in with your girls very nicely. I envy your knitting productivity!

    1. You may envy my knitting productivity, but not my tidying ability! ;-)

  2. I think she's very cute and how could you resist? The group photo is so attractive; each doll compliments the next. And, it shows off your lovely knitting. Perfect photo for the holidays!

    1. I obviously couldn't! ;-) Pretty ironic considering I am thinking about downsizing...but seriously she will be one of my knitting models for my shop and as I really hope to NOT buy next year (except a couple of dolls on my wish list - one of whom is a Schoey boy, Peggy Sue's size if ever I find one I like) then I wanted to get her 'in' before the end of the year. I know weird and not especially good logic. ;-)


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