Friday, 30 December 2016

A Pyjama Party!

Peggy Sue wakes up this morning very excited.

Guess what?  She asks Little Owen.

What?  Replies Little Owen, knowing this is just what Peggy Sue wants him to say.

We're allowed to have a pyjama party tomorrow night for New Years Eve!!!  Can you believe it?  Being allowed to stay up until past mid-night!!!  Peggy Sue is so excited she can hardly contain herself.

It is going to be SUCH fun!  

Now who shall I invite?  

Little Owen wonders who Peggy Sue will invite.  

Shall I invite some boys as well?  She wonders... I know some of the DO have pyjamas!


  1. Does Peggy Sue have pyjamas rather than a nightdress or are nightdresses allowed too?

    1. Yes a nightdress is allowed! Peggy Sue doesn't have PJs she just has nightdresses :-)

  2. I read these 2 posts in reverse order so I know that the party will be a grand success.

  3. So cute, she looks so excited. :)


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