Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Nisha - A Girl for All Time and a Comparison with Matilda

Having seen the promotional photographs of Nisha the new 'Modern' A Girl For All Time, I decided to go for her, even though I am hopefully going to reduce the number or shall I say 'refine' my collection next year.  I thought she would make a great model and I just loved her colouring and looks.  (I will be keeping a small core group of dolls especially to model clothes I will be knitting and sewing clothes for my Etsy shop)

She arrived on my Wedding Anniversary which was just perfect.

Her box.

The box is beautifully decorated with flowers.

This I don't like!  I wish more doll manufacturers would get on board with fixing their dolls in boxes a different way - with ribbons for example.  I know they don't want them to move about in the packaging, but I am sure it could be done as I have had a few dolls packaged with just ribbons holding them in place - and it is so much 'kinder' on both the doll and your fingers!

Free from teh box


I do like her outfit.  It is well made, fits well and has no velcro - a big thumbs up! 

She has a very pretty face.

Of course I had to make her a Christmas dress, which was actually waiting for her arrival.

I made her a matching beret.

With her 'sister' Tilly.  

Her Christmas photo.

I promised some friends on Ravelry I would do a comparison of the two dolls.

Of course the most noticeable comparison is the shape of the face and the 'skin' tone.

I do very much prefer Nisha's colouring and face shape to Tillys, and indeed if she had been my first AGAT I wouldn't have got another.

Her eyes are more 'realistic' as well I think, they seem to look at you more, and are less staring than Tilly's eyes, although this is not evident in this photo!

Flexibility wise...although these dolls are jointed, I don't find the flexibility of them that good in comparison with say Peggy Sue who can hold poses.  Sure the hands are much better - but then Peggy Sue is made of wood and 100 years old!

The arms do bend and can hold 'some' poses.  I do like the way they can hold something or scratch their head for example.  But there really isn't a lot else due to the way the joints are designed.

I know quite a few people don't like the way the arm joints look a bit like they are wearing 'industrial elbow length gloves' but this doesn't both me.  I am happy for them to wear both dresses with sleeves and without as shown in these photos.

The leg joints are good in that they can stand in various positions, but apart from that, they can't sit, or hold any other sort of pose with their legs bent which in my mind is rather disappointing.  Perhaps this is something that can be improved on in the future.

However, despite my negative comments I do like these dolls very much, and there are not of dolls out there that can actually hold poses in various positions anyway except perhaps the expensive BJDs which are not really that suitable for children, whereas these dolls are.

They are very nice dolls, well made of good quality materials, as are the clothes.  They have interesting stories - most notably the historical dolls in this collection - and books are available.

I will enjoy knitting and sewing for them.

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  1. Wonderful review, I love her! I didn't realize they changed the facemolds a little...only when you put her next to the other one did I realize it was different. I prefer the new one as well, and I think I am adding her to my wish list as she is so cute! I really love the little dresses as well. :)


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