Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Projects

Although I have been very busy knitting and sewing of late, most of the clothes have been made for either my Etsy shop or orders.  As a result my dolls get to wear clothes briefly for modelling only to have the dress whipped off them and they miss out!  

Now it is time to spend the last couple of weeks before Christmas to make them some clothes of their own.  I have decided I would quite like to focus on just a few dolls and make them a Christmas outfit each.

Tilly (Matilda, A Girl for All Time) of course got a dress the other week which will be her Christmas dress as she looks so elegant in it, and it is red 😊.

Yesterday I started a dress for the new Hearts for Hearts girl Shola (not sure if I will rename her yet) and I finished that today.  I photographed her before I managed to find her a more suitable pair of shoes to match her dress.

I had knitted a dress in the same yarn that Chrissy (my American Girl doll) modelled a couple of weeks ago, but that sold, so I am going to make her one to keep.  I have started that.

Hazel (wooden Bleuette) and Clara (Les Cheries) are also next on the list.  After that I am not sure.  Peggy Sue has already had her Christmas dress made for her and all the Sasha girls already have Christmas dresses, made over the years.

Who else has Christmas projects they have in mind or are working on?

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  1. I've still got some miniature knitting for 8" dolls on the go though have had no time for it in the past 4 weeks. I don't know if it will be done in time for Christmas though.


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