Friday, 23 December 2016

Thinking Out Loud

So I am thinking 'out loud' again, or at least in writing on my blog!

If I am to amalgamate my blogs, which I am definitely going to do...the main question I am asking myself is just what to call it!

Now blogs can essentially have two names:  the one that is in the URL address, (eg. and the one that is on the title page (Sewing and Knitting for Sasha & Gregor & Others).  But of course it makes sense to have the same name for both (or at least similar) as that is what people remember.

I feel to keep the name 'Sewing for Sasha' is a bit too limiting in that it is quite specific, even though the title page is slightly different. 

So do I use the name 'How Many Dolls?' which is of course the name of my other main doll blog and does encompass all.

Of course the other option is to choose a new name altogether and if so what?  

Someone recently said to me that regardless of what the blogs are called they will still think of me as 'Henry's Mum' which brought to mind the first time I realised that this was how people thought of me, before I even really knew just how well known Henry was.  This was in 2012 at the Sasha Festival in Stratford Upon Avon, when lots of people came up to me and said "You must be Henry's Mum".  This quite blew me away.  Of course these people are now my lovely friends whom I meet up with each year at Sasha Festival events.

So does this mean I should have Henry in the title somewhere?  Especially if I also amalgamate his Holiday blog into one as well.  I am still thinking on this one....

Perhaps I should do a poll?


  1. Lorraine, whatever you choose to call your blog, it will continue to be a sweet celebration of dolls.

    Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you Beth for 'listening' to my ramblings ;-)

  2. I do like Ann Marie and Edith, Peggy Sue's wooden "sisters." I also like the Sasha babies, although none of them stand out as individuals to me. I think what I enjoy is how your other dolls interact with all those babies!


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