Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year's Eve Pyjama Party!

What am I going to do?  Wails Peggy Sue.  There just isn't enough room in my bedroom for a pyjama party!

The girls look at the usually unflappable Peggy Sue.

Why don't we get the quilts down from up there?  Suggests Astrid.  We can then take them to the other room and put them all on the floor for people to sit and lie on.

Peggy turns round to look at the quilts on top of her wardrobe.

That's a good idea!  Stevie says.

Right oh.  Peggy Sue says as she starts to climb on her bed.

Careful Peggy Sue!  Stevie says.

I will be.  I've done this before.  Peggy Sue tells the girls.

She reaches up to the top of her wardrobe.

Let me help you.  Stevie says as she reaches up to help Peggy Sue get the quilts down.

Got them!

They are heavier than they look.  She says as she holds them in her arms.

All the girls take a quilt each and Little Owen folds up the bed quilt, although he is fairly certain he isn't going to be able to carry it!

A little later with some help from her friends and Little Owen...

This should be okay don't you think?  She asks Stevie.

Of course!  Stevie answers.

They go off to get some toys and things.

This should be enough to keep us busy.

Sure looks like plenty. The girls agree.

We've got puppets, books, blocks, dominoes, cards, radio and of course we will need to get some snacks later.

Do you think we need anything else?  Peggy Sue asks.

I am sure that will be fine.  Stevie and Astrid say.

Who is coming? Stevie asks.

Henry is bringing the new boy Donny and Rory.  Chrissy said she will come but she is not sure if any of her friends can come except perhaps Nisha. Peggy Sue answers.

Sounds good!  Astrid says.  Could Edith not make it?
No, she had to stay in as they were having family to visit.  Peggy Sue tells her.

Later on the party starts...

They seem to be in the full swing of things.

Peggy Sue is of course stuffing her face  I mean eating a cake.

Rory is already starting to feel tired. He has brought some of his froggy friends with him.

I wonder if they will still be awake at mid-night?!


  1. Looks very comfy! I believe Rory will be fast asleep at midnight.

  2. They're having fun, aren't they? :)

    Happy New Year!

    1. They certainly are...the noise levels are rising!

      Happy New Year!

  3. What a fun time! Look at all the yummy treats. Frank would love to crash that party!

    1. I think the boys would love it if Frank could!

  4. Oh, what a jolly good party! PJ parties are always the best. I don't remember seeing Astrid before; she is beautiful. And, I add, has a perfectly suiting name.

    1. I am not sure if she ever got a formal introduction - she is on my Schoenhut family page along with her model number.

  5. Oh, what a fabulous party! I'm with Peggy Sue, bring on those cakes! BTW, is that Rory in the maroon paisley Pajamas? Love them!

    1. It was a great party. Trust Peggy Sue to get stuck into the cakes first! Yes that is Rory in the maroon pjs.

  6. Getting into your PJs before the annual event sounds a wise move because it is such a bind having to do this well after midnight when you're over-tired and can't really be bothered. In my youthful past I have been known to flop/fling myself on the bed, without getting undressed, and just pull the covers over me and promptly fall asleep regardless of creasing or ruining my clothing.Those were the days!
    Hoping that you all have a great party night!
    Happy New Year everybody!

    1. They had a great party thank you! All the best to you for the New Year!


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