Monday, 4 February 2013

Peggy Sue's Wardrobe

I've been sorting through Peggy Sue's clothes today to see what she really has and to try and work out what she needs and to see how random it all really is!

Long sleeve winter dress - I really like her in this.

Purple dress - which can go with...

Purple coat and hat.

Grey dress with red ribbon...thinking that if I had a selection of different coloured ribbons this dress could tie in with different cardigans and coats.  Purple & blue ribbons for example.

The only two items I haven't made, a nightdress and dressing gown.  The dressing gown fits well the nightdress is a bit tight under the arms....should I make her a bigger one?

Blue & Grey stripped linen dress

Floral dress made yesterday - not entirely happy with this one.

Sleeveless dress.

Two cardigans, the blue one was made for her, the red is the same size, but not sure I like it on he.

Red cardigan/hoodie - buttons on wrong side!  Might change these buttons and turn this into a boys jacket.  Not sure yet.

So what does she need, it is all rather random and just made as I've fancied, rather than with any coherent thought in the matter.

Oops got to pop down the road now, so will revisit this post later...I can have a think while I am wandering round doing my jobs!

I remembered I had a little suitcase that might be ideal to keep her clothes...

I think I will be able to change this into a wardrobe, especially with the mirror in it.  The inside will need relining and pole or hook added for the hangers...but it is just the right size.

So I need to decide whether to keep it as a case/trunk, or turn it into a wardrobe that stands up.

Looking back at her clothes I need to make her a chemise/slip/petticoat and some underwear (she has been borrowing Sasha underwear!)

Need to see if I have any purple and blue ribbons for the grey dress.

Make sure that the next thing I make ties in with her existing clothes better, so that eventually she can mix and match to some extent.

You will notice I haven't included shoes!  That is because she has only got one pair and has been 'borrowing' another dolls.  So that is another thing I will need to make her.


  1. I love knitted dolly clothes. I think Peggy Sue is very fortunate to have such lovely dresses & knitted things. :o)

  2. Thank you Bama. :-) I have posted a few more photos since you commented. Oops...

  3. Peggy Sue is the luckiest of dolls to have such a beautiful wardrobe!!!

    1. She seems to be enjoying her clothes, she is wearing the grey dress with the blue cardigan today.

  4. I adore that purple coat and hat. Can we see a photo of her in this outfit please?

    1. Hi Lizzie, I have shown photos of her in it before, but not with her 'new look' so will take some more tomorrow for you :-)


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