Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Just finished....

Just finished...using up left over yarn from other projects.

Loving how any colour goes well with this grey dress.  I must make another grey dress in a different style.


  1. Once again, lucky Peggy Sue!

  2. I am knitting my first human sized sweater, a very simple pattern and it makes me very impressed with your knitting skills. I love Peggy Sue's new sweater. Linda S. from Canada

  3. Ah, the exquisite fit! You make it look so easy Lorraine.

    I am on my third try trying to get a sweater pattern to fit an old baby doll of mine. Dolls were a much different size 50 years ago.

    So you can see why I find it impressive that you are making clothes that fit a doll who is 90 years or so old.


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