Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dressmaking and little props.

Yesterday I made the dress for Peggy Sue that I wasn't really happy with.  Last night I changed the length and think it looks better

I then thought I would try it on one of my Sasha girls.

I think it may look better on her (although please excuse the tights!)

Of course then I thought I would try the dress I made earlier in the week for Sasha on Peggy Sue.

On Bethany, my Gotz Sasha girl...

I think it looks quite nice on her.


While out I keep a look out for various items that will do for Peggy Sue and her 'rooms'.

I was pleased to find two 'carpets' for 20p each.

This pretty one in shades of pinks and greens.

This slightly larger one which has already been put to use the other day when she was playing her cello.

Next up I found a lovely little glass flower and vase which is just perfect to sit on her dresser or drawers.

I also found this little rose pin.

Which she insisted on wearing today.

It is always worth a look, more often than not I come out empty handed, but every  now and again I find something just right!   I have a little list in my head of items I would like to find, so always have an idea of what is needed.


  1. That is so neat that you can swap the dresses. Not everyone looks good in a drop-waisted dress. I also love the fine corduroy you use for dresses.

    This new wig really seems to suit her, and her room looks so cute in photographs. Very nice!!

    I have a list of things and measurements for props--not in my head but in two pieces of paper I haul around in my purse. So far I haven't found anything.

  2. I really like both dresses, but the long-sleeved one is my favorite. It looks nice on Peggy Sue and your Sasha girl.

  3. Lucky girl, Peggy Sue! Aren't you glad your Mum has an eye for things just for you?

  4. Love your dresses and I can totally relate to your "prop" shopping! It is such a joy to find just the things for our dear doll friends and you certainly did a great job during this trip!

  5. OmG, I sooo Love the cello - where did you find it? It fits her Perfectly!

    1. You must have missed the post where Peggy Sue received the cello. It was a gift from Vicki and sent from the US, it is an American Girl cello.

    2. Oooh I Did miss that post - That cello fits Peggy Sue so perfectly I think she is giving Penelope ideas, I am absolutely in love with Peggy Sue! Thanks for the cello info too!

  6. That is beautiful fabric in the corduroy dress. I love the carpets too.


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