Friday, 22 February 2013

The music teacher arrives!

The Schoenhut School of the Arts  is hoping to open in March.

The first of the teachers has arrived, and boy do we know it!

We could all hear her coming from miles away, singing at the top of her voice!

She arrives in style on her pink scooter in a rather flamboyant style, although she assures us this isn't flamboyant at all!

I think the girls are going to be rather stunned when they discover their new music teacher is a pig!  Of course we don't call her that, her name is Miss Olivia Ottava.

Miss Olivia Ottava is a fan of the opera and likes to think she COULD have been an operatic diva...hmmm the jury is out on that one.  She likes to wear fancy frilly dresses as if she is attending the opera everyday, rather than going in to teach a class of students.  She favours one particular colour in particular...

Miss Olivia Ottava sings through all her lessons, from the welcome, when the children arrive, and the goodbye, when the leave.  Even when the lessons are done by correspondence she sends a 'musical recording' of the lesson, much to the students horror!  But even though she is somewhat eccentric, she has a good heart and they all love her; well most of the time.

She is yet to inspect the music room to see if it is to her liking...


  1. Miss Olivia knows how to make an entrance! She also seems to be totally immersed in the world of music...Miss Olivia will definitely leave an impression on her students!

    1. She certainly does, everyone knows when Miss Olivia is around!

  2. It started on Sunday--I had to show the spouse all your guinea pigs on your other blog. Then we came here so I could show him Peggy Sue's cello. Then we dropped down so he could meet Miss Olivia and we learned what an Ottava was and clicked on the pronunciation file.

    I'm telling you, it's a rich life!

    p.s. I am unable to discern Miss Olivia's size. She looks about 8 inches (20 cms) or so. With her students being taller, will she be able to get the respect she demands? Or will they be little swine and not obey her??!!

  3. Miss Olivia is 10 inches tall, I would have liked her to have only been 8 inches, but it seems she is rarely available in that size now...she must have been eating too much! Surprisingly, although smaller than her students, Miss Olivia commands quite a presence so on a whole I think they will obey her.

  4. OmiGosh I cant Believe I only just found this - Clearly my Spring was a blur - Olivia the Pig is a great Love of ours, We have practically every toy ever made of her - and Yes, no matter what the size, she will indeed manage to command respect - these pics are a HooT!


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