Saturday, 2 February 2013

Peggy Sue is hopping now!

Peggy Sue saw the little girls standing on one leg and wanted to try as well.

Pretty soon she was gaily hopping around on one leg, having a lovely time.

I've done some more work on her face, but the sun was shining and has caught the left eye a funny way.

I do believe she might be smiling, she certainly looks happy.


  1. I think you've made her look very sweet, the eyes are great, really make her come alive, and it really perks her up to have nostrils finally--gives some realism and continuity to her face and thus more personality.

    I find the scorch marks a bit disconcerting but they aren't as distracting as the previous paint chips. The mouth is incredible--what a difference.

    Are you still planning to rewig her Lorraine? She looks good with dark brown hair. I was thinking that a wig like a pageboy cut would cover some of the worst of the scorches on the right side of her face. Then maybe a thin layer of "concealer" (woodish coloured paint) would soften up the scorch under her right eye?

    I don't know, after this tour de force in restoring the doll, I hesitate to say that. Honestly, she looks so much better and you can see the definition in her little hands and feet.

    Such a cutie in her new dress!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to make such a wonderful and through comment. It is much appreciated as it is so good to get feedback. I'm glad you are thinking she is looking better now. I was quite worried for a while and yes I too find her scorch marks a little disconcerting, it is a shame as the rest of her body was fine, but then it is only the head that is heat molded. Not sure what the best would be to do there. I could have of course stained her, but that is not what I wanted.

      I am hoping to re-wig her, but haven't found anything over here suitable and on Ebay now they are asking silly postage to send wigs to the UK. I think a little pageboy cut would be really cute. I will keep looking.

      I just love her little feet, I think they are great. There is the odd chip that I have smoothed, but I didn't want to try to alter in case I went too far...which is the case for my Hitty I am trying to carve LOL!

      Thank you for your support along the way, I know you were quite unsure about it at first. As was I!

  2. I just pulled up a picture of the old Peggy Sue in an IrfanView window and placed it beside her new face in this post and showed my husband. He said she looks MUCH better and "She doesn't look like a doll any more."

    It's just incredible Lorraine. Well done--it makes my hands perspire just to think of you being this brave to strip her back and repaint. The anxiety!

    I know what you mean about postage, I've been looking for Hitty dolls (which I can't afford) and then when you add on shipping to Canada it gets silly.

    1. Thank you.

      Well if I ever get my first Hitty made and then make another - I would be delighted to make one for you as a gift...perhaps this will give me the motivation to get my first lady finished.

      Why should it cost so much to ship to Canada from the States? The postal costs have really gone silly. Then add on customs, which seem to be a law unto themselves and well...

      Anyway thank your husband for his kind comments as well.

  3. Hi, yesterday I wasn't so sure about the scorch marks, but it looks somewhat softer today and her eyes do look better. Her body looks so warm and soft. I just looked at her again and she looks a lot better. I think that the scorch marks will maybe just become part of her. None of us is perfect looking (as my mirror tells me each day)and I think it might just add to her personality. Either way she looks a lot better than before. Standing on one foot she looks like she's recovered fully from her operations. Enjoy her! Linda S. from Canada

    1. I did a few more touch ups last night although they didn't involve the scorch marks and yes I think they don't looks so bad today, probably partly the light. Hopefully in time they won't be you say, none of us is perfect looking! Hey we must have the same mirror! Thank you for your comments :-)

  4. I don't understand the shipping. Some companies are reasonable and others charge $20 to $30 for shipping from the States up here. I sometimes wonder if they keep the prices low and then graft it onto the shipping.

    I told my husband about how Peggy Sue got a new doll for having her surgery, and my husband said "And so she should."

    That is very kind of you to offer to give me a doll. If I sewed better doll clothes I'd trade you some clothes, I can make decent jewellery though, perhaps we could trade something like that? Jewellery for you (necklace, earrings) or doll jewellery? No rush, you are practicing your cello. ;-)

    1. I'm sure we will work something out!

  5. So cute! Peggy Sue does look very happy. She is wonderful.


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