Sunday, 3 February 2013

A new dress & an extra touch.

 I've been trying to do some sewing today...fabric came out, went away and came out again...
Patterns were looked at, sighed over and not a lot was achieved.  In the end I decided to sew a little rose and pearls on the front of the dress I made for Peggy Sue the other day.

I love the way she is standing here, slightly coy and shy.

I think this adds just the right extra touch to the dress.

I did make a dress with a Schoenhut pattern.  But the bodice ended up far too big...I should have guessed really.

Still Peggy Sue doesn't seem to mind and enjoyed modelling in it and dancing around.

A few months ago I had no problem thinking about what to sew, now, the sewing mojo seems to have left me and it was a real struggle.


  1. I love your extra little touches on the dress. The texture of the fabric really shows in these new photos.

    I also like the new dress. I wonder if the Schoenhut pattern is a bit larger than needed so little girls could dress & undress their dolls easier?

    Peggy Sue looks so cute. I have been wondering if your feelings for Peggy Sue have changed any since the paint stripping?

    I think I would feel even more bonded with her after all that work. I really think she's quite special. :o)

    1. Yes I think I do feel more bonded with her now. It is difficult to know for sure at the moment. I was drawn to her very much from the beginning due to her size. I want to do more with her, but struggling with the imagination side of things at the moment. I still really love Anne-Marie, but I find Peggy Sue's size easier to handle and carry around, and of course she is the same size as Sasha which makes sewing on a whole easier (note to self...stick to Sasha patterns!)

      Yes perhaps you are right about the sizing.


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