Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentines Eve at Bramble Downs Common

What was going on in Bramble Downs Common last night?

It looks like all the children were gathered in Oak Hollow with Sybil Squirrel, Myrtle Mole and Frida Frog!  Goodness I can't quite believe Frida is there with all those children!

They had kindly offered to look after all the children while the parent couples went out for an evening cruise on the River boat to celebrate Valentines Day.

With some soft music playing Chive & Cherry Cavy, Bobby & Beatrice Badger along with Howard & Heather Hedgehog enjoy a slow waltz.

Olive and Oleander Otter enjoyed some quiet time together steering the boat.

I wonder how Frida Frog is today?  Recovering from the exuberance of all the children no doubt!

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