Saturday, 23 February 2013

A wonderful surprise arrives for Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue was amazed when she heard that a parcel had been sent to her from  Hittyville in USA.

She had to ask several times whether it really was for her and if it was okay to open it.

She uncovers the tissue paper and bubble wrap...

Oh my gosh! She gasps.  Is this really for me?

It is indeed my love.

She pulls out a big black shaped carry case.

Kneels on the ground and opens it up and can't quite believe her eyes!

Her very own cello!  I think she is flabbergasted as am I at such a wonderful generous gift!

Thank you so much Bertie and Vicki, and all the friends at Hittyville, for this most wonderful Cello. Peggy Sue says and then blows a kiss!

Thank you, thank you!

What an absolutely fabulous and wonderful surprise gift.  
Thank you Vicki for your kindness and friendship.


  1. That is the sweetest gift, very nice of Vicki.

    Peggy Sue will be learning all sorts of instruments now at the music school. I see her teacher is ready to go!

  2. This almost made me cry! I remember the day my son got his very first cello - a quarter size. We had to put up a camp bed in his room so it could lie down, otherwise it would have been in his bed with him. They are, to my mind at least, the most beautiful of all instruments, both in sound and visually.
    What a wonderful gift. After all her surgery, Peggy Sue richly deserves it. Will she have a few sneaky lessons from her Mum before the beginning of the new music school term, just to get her started?

    1. I think I almost cried when it arrived, such a wonderful special gift indeed! Not sure what sort of lessons she will get from me! ;-) But we will give it a go...

  3. Daisy, Diana, and Bertie are SO happy Peggy Sue loves her cello! We all look forward to "hearing" her play someday...You are very welcome for the cello, but it was the least I could do for you introducing me to the wonderful world of Schoenhut Dolls! There is nothing quite like a friendship based on the love of dolls~~~

  4. How wonderful! I agree with what everyone else said! Well deserved Peggy Sue!


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