Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Japanese Music Doll

 While out today I couldn't resist rescuing this wonderful lady from my friends 'hospital' shelf in her antique shop.

Apparently someone tried picking her up by her I will repair it for her so it is not leaning to the side as I'm sure she must be getting an awful neck ache with it like that.

She really is quite special as she plays music and has a switch on her base so you can turn her on and off after winding her up.

She has only just arrive home, and yes does need a good dusting along with her repair.


  1. She is quite lovely...Hospital shelf? What a great idea!

    1. Yes, she has a shelf where any 'damaged' items are sold cheaply if someone wants to repair them. It was also the music that sold her to me, the nicest I have ever heard in a music box/doll

  2. She is pretty, so glad you will be able to fix her.

    I have a book called "Japanese Dolls:The Fascinating World of Ningyo" by Alan Pate with lots of photos and history of Japanese dolls. Years ago I had a little book of stories from UNICEF that featured a painting and story of the Japanese doll festival and the fancy dolls they bring out every year. So, that got my interest started although I don't have any Japanese dolls.


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