Friday, 8 February 2013

There is such a thing as having manners you know...

Peggy Sue thought she would give Alice and Owen a tea party today.

Miss Prim thought she would take advantage of this play...

by showing Peggy Sue how to make a 'proper' cup of tea as she calls it.

Peggy Sue listens intently...

as Miss Prim demonstrates what to do.

There's a good girl, Peggy Sue, that cup of tea should be just perfect.  Miss Prim wanders off thinking her job is done...

Phew! thinks Peggy Sue.  She's gone!

Peggy Sue drags a chair over to sit on and then starts to eat a strawberry tart.

Yummy!  She says as she starts to eat, when all of a sudden, she is distracted by a terrible sound, a bit like a strangled cat

What ARE you doing Peggy Sue?  Exclaims Miss Prim.

You are supposed to be eating your sandwich first!  Miss Prim tells Peggy Sue as she points over to the plate with the sandwich on it.

Peggy Sue glances over to the sandwich.

But I want to eat my strawberry tart first, like Owen is.  She tells Miss Prim, as she carries on eating her tart.

Miss Prim sighs with exasperation and walks off muttering to herself about the need for good manners.

A little while later Peggy Sue can be found reading a book of nursery rhymes.

This is a sweet little set of four books I found in the CS today when I popped down the road to post some letters.

Just perfect for Peggy Sue.


  1. Miss Prim is what my son would call a "buzz kill"...not sure exactly what it means, but it sounds fitting!
    LOVE Peggy Sue's new books! It is so exciting when we find things just right for our dolls, wouldn't you agree?

    1. Definitely! Doesn't happen often, but when it does it is such a delight.

  2. Buz kill sounds appropriate! I think I would want the strawberry tart first too! I love the colours in Peggy Sue's dress.


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