Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Miss Prim arrives...

Oh dear, who do we have here?

Meet Miss Prim...

Hello dear, I am your new Governess, Miss Prim.

Who? Miss Prim?  What's a Governess?

Well dear, it has been decided that I am needed.

What does she mean by that?  Whispers Owen to Peggy Sue's rag doll.

Peggy Sue looks equally bemused...

Later on...

I don't want to eat a sandwich, I just want to eat cake!  Peggy Sue tells Owen Bear.

Excuse me dear, but you can't have cake until you have eaten your sandwich!

(That's precisely what I am here for)  Miss Prim says to herself as she watches Peggy Sue eat her sandwich.

Peggy Sue eats her sandwich like a good girl.  Miss Prim wanders off to get the a cake for her.

Look here she comes, whispers Owen Bear.

Here you are dear, says Miss Prim as she hands the plate with the strawberry tart on it over to Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue looks down at the tart as Owen Bear tugs at her sleeve...

Please let me have some.  He asks.

Oh dear, it looks like Peggy Sue just wants to eat it all herself!


  1. This really got a giggle out of me! LOL! Miss Prim will help Peggy Sue learn to make the right decisions. :o)

  2. LOVE this little story! Miss Prim looks...well...rather prim.

  3. I just adore Owen, he is the cutest bear ever!


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