Friday, 1 February 2013

Can you stand on one leg?

Rosie - Darcy Joann, has informed me that all little girls with red hair like hers are called Rosie.  Apparently she has it on good authority as she has spoken to Rosie over at Hittyville and so her name is Rosie, no other name is suitable.  So who is to argue with a strong minded six year old?

Anyway, Rosie and Amy Lynn are having a little competition.

I can stand on one leg.  Can you do this Rosie?  Amy Lyn asks Rosie.

After several attempts Rosie too has a big smile on her face.

Yes I can!  She exclaims.  Shall we see how long we can stand on one leg for?

and that is how I left them....goodness knows how long they will keep it up for!


  1. Great pictures. Glad the girls are happy living with you. Could you do me a favor and leave feedback on Etsy.

    Thanks, Sandra

    1. Thanks for reminding me Sandra, I forgot about the feedback on Etsy.

  2. My Rosie saw your Rosie standing on one foot and is now doing the same! She told me she will go back on two feet when your girls please keep me posted!

    1. Okay, I will do. When I got up this morning they were still at it! I don't think they slept a wink all night.


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