Monday, 11 February 2013

It snowed today!

With it having snowed all last night, Peggy Sue couldn't wait to get outside today.

She found a lone flower on the hebe plant.  I think her legs have almost disappeared in the snow here!

Look at me, she cried.  I am a snow angel!

Exploring a little more of the garden, she thought she would see if she could find the little fox that Connery had talked to earlier...Of course the little fox was long gone!

Oh a snowball, I wonder what you are going to do with that?

Something has taken her attention!

Later on she comes inside for a warm cup of coca.

This looks nice.

Tastes good too!

Cocoa finished, it is time for some puzzle play - dress the teddy bear.

Yes that is right, the head goes there.

Once the puzzle is finished with Owen comes along to see what Peggy Sue has been up to as he hasn't seen her all morning.

I couldn't take you out in the snow as you don't have a hat, coat or shoes  She explained to him.  Not sure he was convinced!


  1. Peggy Sue knows how to enjoy a winter day, that's for sure!


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